New here?

We love meeting new people at St Peter’s and we hope you’ll feel welcome right from the start. We have a wide range of groups running in our church, with something for everyone.
For children and young people, we have Xplore for 6-11s and Xplore+ for 11+. There are small groups for busy people and those who may have more leisure alike.
The Community pages gives details about popular activities like Supper Club and Book Club. Our cafe is open on Friday morning and there’s plenty for parents with babies and toddlers: Babies on Wednesday mornings, ABC on Thursday mornings.
Maybe you’re new to Church?
If you don’t normally come to a church or haven’t been for a while you’ll be very welcome. To find out what to expect at each of our services on Sunday, We Worship gives guidance. If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a Christian, Life skills has information that will be useful.
Life Events
Planning a wedding? Want to give thanks for the birth of a child? Or recently bereaved?
Keep in Touch
For the latest news and updates, see News and Calendar. For all other information please contact the Church Office. We’re also on Twitter and Facebook .